Covid-19 regulations

From March 14, the application of the “vaccination pass” will be suspended in all places where it was required (leisure and cultural places, commercial catering activities, fairs and trade shows, etc.).

Wearing a mask will no longer be compulsory, except in public passenger transport and health establishments.

Funambals will therefore take place without masks and no health certification will be required to access it (except any change of rules by institutions).

Do I need a vaccin pass to travel to  France ?

You can still travel to France if you have not yet received your vaccination booster. However, depending on the classification of the country you are arriving from (red, orange or green) and your course of vaccination, you may be required to fulfil other criteria (negative test, compelling reasons to travel). People aged 18 or over who wish to enter French territory must have received a booster dose of a vaccine no later than 9 months after the last required dose to be considered fully vaccinated.

If you want to follow the Covid-19 rule evolutions in France you can look at

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