Aina TULIER : nyckelharpa, singing // Sylvain POOL : cittern, guitar

Aina Tulier and Sylvain Pool miraculously met in Toulouse in the fertile network of Occitan bars to found a dance music duo inspired by Scandinavian and Occitan traditions.

Like the Scandinavian nøkken – or nixes -, female spirits of the waters, the Nøkkenoc project emerges from the banks of the Garonne to take over the dance floors of Toulouse and elsewhere.

The resonant brilliance of the string instruments dialogues with the rhythmic energies of ballroom dancing. Scottish, polska, waltz, rondeau, polka, slängpolska, cercle, bourrées, halling, congo… the dances follow one another in an atmosphere that is at once ethereal, earthy, festive and underwater, as if at the convergence of the elements, until the legs are exhausted, the soles have disappeared or the floor has been officially destroyed.

We decline all responsibility in case of damage to persons or property – for no one can resist the bewitching, disconcerting power of the Occitan Nøkken!

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