Espace 140

Address: 291 rue d'Athènes 69140 Rillieux-la-Pape

This year, as since 2017, our balls will happen in the magnificent ballroom of Espace 140: roomy, ventilated ans no neighbors around. Nothing will prevent us from having fun 'till the middle of the night ! With somptuous wooden architecture, 950 m2 of capacity, elegant parquet floor and its nice curves,  Espace 140 is one of the most attractive places in Lyon area. Its enclosed garden and terrace allows you to enjoy the outdoors.
Salle Ferrat : our great dancefloor !
Entry hall and bar
Join the venue
You can easly park in the 150 spots parking and all along rue d’Athènes. Situé à l’entrée nord-est de la ville, à la sortie des axes autoroutiers (rocade Est et A46) et des transports en commun (ligne C2 et C5), l’Espace 140 est facile d’accès.
  • By car : join Lyon bypass and take the exit n°4 « Caluire-Rillieux » on A46.
  • By public transports: bus C2 or C5, stop: Rillieux-Semailles (terminus).  5 minutes walk far from Espace 140, 8 minutes walk from Tapis Volant.

Tapis Volant

Address : at the corner of Avenue des Nations and Rue d'Athènes 69140 Rillieux-la-Pape
  • Room n° 4: 70m², 1st floor
  • Room n° 5: 100m², 1st floor
  • Room n° 6: 120m², 1st floor
From Rue d'Athènes parking. 2 minutes walk from Espace 140.


Funambals organises several entertainement and high points in Rillieux-la-Pape public space.

This year, togheter with MJC Ô TOTEM and Festival 0 Déchets, we organise a "Folk Smoothie" on MJC square.

Address: ESPLANADE de la MJC Ô TOTEM, 9 bis Avenue du Général Leclerc. 

Join the venue: 

  • By car: you can park all along Avenue du Général Leclerc before or after reaching the MJC.
  • Public transports : C2 "George Sand" stop, then 500 m walk between buildings; C5 "MJC Ctre chorégraphique" stop.
  • By feet : 18 minutes walking from espace 140

Studio Maguy Marin/ La Velette

You can only reach it by feet.

The Studio is 15 minutes walking from the Espace 140.

You can also get closer by car and park in Lyautey Square, Koenig Square or in front of P. E. Victor High School.