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Centre aéré des Lones 

Boulevard des Loisirs 69140 Rillieux-La-Pape. 45 minutes walking up to the Espace 140, 35 minutes coming down from Espace 140.

In Centre aéré park yous can put your tent. You’ll have acces to toilets, showers and a kitchen. This year we can’t provide any place in the dormitory.

Showers :

The centre aéré has only few shower rooms. You can take a shower in the stadium next to the centre aéré (there will be signs to help you find them).

Stadium showers will only be available :

Friday, May 5th : 4’pm to 8’pm
Saturday, May 6th : 0′ am to 4′ am, then 9’am to 1’pm, then 4’pm to 8’pm
Sunday, May 7th : 0’am to 5’am, then 9’am to 1’pm, then 4’pm to 8’pm
Monday, May 8th : 0’am to 4’am, then 9’am to 1’pm, then 4’pm to 00′
Tuesday, May 9th : 00’am to 2’am, then 9’am to 1’pm

You can buy tickets per night on our online ticket office : 6 € per person per night.

The centre aéré is no longer accessible to vehicles. However, you can park your car or motorhomes in front.


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