Campanule events chart

In the aim of doing everything we can to create a safe space for everyone, no matter the age, gender, sexual orientation, handicap situation, ethnie, nationality, political view, level in dancing, religion, believe system, physical appearance, preferred role/type of dance, etc…we wrote a chart and a code of conduct to be  respected during our events.

This text is now in effect for all activities where the association La Campanule is the main organizer. We wrote it on the basis of Frisse Folk (BE) guidelines and enriched by the Balfolk Network Day (NL) code of conduct  and the educational sheets offered by Le Collectif Matières Vivantes (FR) and As Queer As Folk (FR). We would like to thank all the people who allowed us to use their precious supports. Links to sources in the document.

We hope that this document allows everyone to feel respected, protected, and therefore free, supported by a common framework.

Click here to download La Campanule events chart and code of conduct.

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