Dance musicality

By Anatole LORNE et Joan CODINA VILA 

We’ll be working on musicality through various approaches : inner silence, tonal dialogue with the partner, deciphering musical layers, practising the choice of what to play and dance on and with.

The intention is to weave and savor the relationship with the other, with all the variations offered by the ball’s musicians. To surrender to their proposals, letting the work infuse, without thinking about it any more.
A fertile back-and-forth between concentration and letting go, with a subtle dose for each individual. Another step towards autonomy. In other words, naming yourself, creating your own dance, within the proposed framework. We look forward to seeing you on this journey !



Prerequisites : Knowledge of basic couple dance steps is desirable. The dances will not be taught in the workshop, but it will be designed to be affordable for as many people as possible.

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