Ciac Boum

Julien PADOVANI // Christian PACHER // Alban PACHER

This trio, made up of three “routiers” of the bal trad (and other), offers an energetic and inventive ball, borrowing from the traditional Poitou heritage of which they have become a recognized ambassador with covers of traditional tunes as well as original compositions. Ciac Boum has earned a solid reputation among dancers in France and Europe, as its unique music exudes gaiety, energy and festivity. The three of them send out the rounds, the “avant-deux”, the “pas d’été”, waltzes, maraîchines and other bals limousines as if their lives depended on it! And always in keeping with the spirit of the dance, which they carry right to their fingertips. If sometimes a breeze of freshness and joyful freedom sweeps across the floor, it’s because the old melodies carry their perfume of eternal youth.

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