Fate has a way of doing things ! Hoctomoz is three musicians who found each other at traditional Irish music. Three musicians who share the pleasure of composing and arranging, and the pleasure of dancing and making people dance.

And what kind of name is that?
A sort of patois of their own, like a call to join in their round, for the joy of sharing and music!

Régis Marlaud is accordionist in the Lyon region. He makes sure that the three vibrate at the same wavelength musically speaking and he’s the one who manages the resonance phenomena on each track.

Paul Fermé is a violinist. All binary rhythms are therefore his specialty, and he’s particularly fond of using several strings of his violin at the same time, but always in even numbers.

Lilian Guillemeney is a flautist. His job is to anticipate the musical reactions that such a mix of timbres and sounds can engender, all with love and devotion.

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