Diane DELZANT // Stéphane MILLERET // Sylvain QUERE // Sébastien TRON

Illa evokes the dawn mist in India, elle in Latin, île in Provençal, a bad thing in Swedish, this sculpted stone also attracts the good graces of spiritual entities among the Quechuas. The polysemy of this powerful new combo’s music makes no apologies for its finesse and delicacy. Four sound creators who switch in the blink of an eye from a highly orchestral universe to a raw, minimalist interpretation. The comfortable cocoon of a round, inimitably fingered accordion provides a sure footing for the body, while the sharp cistre-dog rhythm underscores the poetic flights of warm, delicate strings. The violin slips in like an agile, mischievous young chameleon. The vocals are an invitation to travel, carried by a nebulously precise abyssal hurdy-gurdy. In short, Illa is energetic, pop and sensual folk ball.

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